Hot Air Ballooning

Drakensberg hot air ballooning
Drakensberg hot air ballooning

Drakensberg hot air ballooning experience

Experience the awesome thrill and peaceful serenity of hot air ballooning on the edge of the Drakensberg mountains. Giants Castle, the Champagne Valley, the Kamberg Vallay. The hot air balloon take-off is from a site in or around the Kamberg Valley and within sight of Giants Castle. You will meet at the hot air balloon launch site approximately 30 minutes before sunrise, your pilot will then give you a safety briefing. Once the hot air balloon is heated and you are in the balloons basket you will enjoy a flight of around an hour. After helping to pack the hot air balloon you will return to a location close to take off point for an Alfresco breakfast and Champagne.

Antbear Lodge offers a hot air balloon launch site right that is just 15 mins drive away. This is by far the best location to fly in the Drakensberg where you get right into the steep valleys and weather conditions are mostly perfect for hot air balloon flights

Hot Air Ballooning South Africa. Choose between flying in Winterton with the Drakensberg mountains as a backdrop, or further south from Tala Private Game Reserve in the Camperdown area.